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Repair of HEIDENHAIN and SIEMENS equipment

Our company offers to make a high-class repair of equipment manufactured by HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS.

In our service center, we will be happy to repair your equipment: power supplies, drives, motors, feedback sensors (linear, circular, angular displacement).

Diagnostics of your equipment is free of charge, in case of repair in our service center.

Conditions for receiving equipment for diagnostics and repair:

The customer, on his own and at his own expense, ships the equipment to our address, having previously notified and written a cover letter, where the customer indicates the name, ID number, serial number (or a photo of the nameplate), a brief description of the malfunction (you can do this in the order form);

Upon arrival of the equipment to our address, we carry out diagnostics and then notify the Customer about the possibility of repair, timing and cost of work;

The customer makes a decision, pays for equipment repair services;

We ship the equipment with accompanying documents according to the specified details, by means of a transport company or pickup from our warehouse.

Warranty obligations: for all types of work, a company warranty of 6 months is provided, effective from the date of shipment of equipment from our warehouse.

Additional conditions: equipment weighing more than 25.00 kg is accepted for diagnostics by separate agreement. At the request of the Customer, we can replace the equipment, without carrying out repairs to identical serviceable equipment. In addition, restored equipment is offered after major repairs.